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Sponsorship Opportunities

Fred Rogers said it best.  “We live in a world in which we need to share responsibility. It’s easy to say 'It’s not my child, not my community, not my world, not my problem.'

Then there are those who see the need and respond. I consider those people my heroes."


Please won’t you be our Hero?

The Tennessee Association for Children’s Early Education is a state-wide organization whose mission is to “provide members with professional development opportunities and to advocate for best practice in the care, development, and education of all Tennessee’s young children.” 

Inspired by the Fred Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor, the committee for the 2019 TACEE State conference is embracing children and their teachers JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.

More than ever, we need to make sure that the helpers are available for all children.   Advocating for and inspiring Early Childhood Educators to prepare and provide the most supportive, explorative, and nurturing learning environments for children is at the core of our values as an organization and the goal of our 2019 state conference. 

"When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” -Fred Rogers

Please won’t you be our Helper?

We need your help.  Supporting the 2019 conference with materials and/or monetary donations will be critical to helping us provide a high-quality, professional, and inspirational conference.  Below you will find a variety of options for sponsorship.  Please carefully consider how you and/or your organization can help us have a most successful educational conference.

Thank you in advance for your support. 

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Sponsorship Form

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Sponsorship Request


Ride on the Trolley


monetary donation

King Friday's Court 

$500 or more

monetary donation

Treehouse Hospitality 

donation of food, paper products, decorations, etc.


donation of trinkets and treasures for Teacher Conference Bags

Time to Give

donation of time or services

Eiffel Tower

other donation