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List of Important Links for Public Policy: – For information on the state’s pre-k programs – For information on the Tennessee’s Alliance and new pre-k legislation for all 4 year olds. – This website will help you identify your elected officials. – For information on the Governor’s new pre-k legislation for all 4 year olds. – The Government Performance Project—this site shows the state’s report card. – The third annual Disability Mega Conference to be held.


TACEE Public Policy Agenda

  • High Quality Voluntary Pre Kindergarten  TACEE supports continued present funding for Pre Kindergarten in a variety of settings, including Head Start, Public School, Private child care settings (both center and family homes) and faith based centers.

  • Fee System Support for Working Families  TACEE supports additional funding to non-TANF low income working families, to increase the number of children served and the fair-market reimbursement rates to providers. This is especially true in the infant and toddler age groups.

  • Quality Rating Improvement System  TACEE supports continual improvement of the voluntary, market-driven quality rating improvement system, to provide parents with a tool for selecting high-quality early childhood care and education programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

  • Children’s Health Initiative  TACEE supports the development of a comprehensive program to insure Tennessee’s children receive immunizations and learn healthy exercise and eating habits to prevent childhood obesity.

  • Social and Emotional Development in Early Childhood Education  TACEE supports the CSEFEL program to promote and improve outcomes of young children's social and emotional development. The Center will then work with professional organizations and child care providers to ensure the use of the evidence-based practices.


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Have you heard of the Child Care for Working Families Act? 
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